Project Title "Developing the infrastructure for a distributed e-libraryof medieval music transcriptions in standardised format"
Funding Agency The Eduserv Foundation
Principal Investigator Peter Jeavons
Professor of Computer Science, The University of Oxford; Fellow of St Anne's College, Oxford
Principal Software Engineer Louis W. G. Barton
St Anne's College, The University of Oxford
Domain Expert in Musicology John Caldwell
Emeritus Professor Of Music, The University of Oxford; Emeritus Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford
Advisory Board Prof. Dino Buzzetti
 Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia, Università di Bologna
Prof. Jim Davies
 Director, Software Engineering Centre, University of Oxford
Dr Annalisa Doneda
 Facoltà di Musicologia, Università di Pavia
Prof. James Grier
 CANTUS Database for Latin Ecclesiastical Chant, University of Western Ontario
Rev. Dr Constantine J. Terzopoulos
 Monastery of Holy Trinity, St Nektarios, Aegina (Greece)
Technical Team Dr Jacqueline Elemans
Dr Debra Lacoste
Koon Shan Barry Ng


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