Transcription metadata
  The NeumesXML data stack
Description tags

Transcription Judgement tags

Transcription Data syntax

   Description tags
Accession of the source (siglum, location, shelfmark, other catalog numbers)
Provenance of the source (origin, probable date, transmission history)
Transcription chronicle (transcriber name, transcription date, revision number)
Content links (document images, other transcriptions, text files, database entries)
Physical aspect (dimensions, binding, writing material)
Layout (dimensions of writing frame or columns)
Decoration (descriptions or hyperreferences to decoration images)
Encoding declaration (NEUMES data representation version number)
Statement of editorial procedures used
Bibliographic references (published editions, critical treatments, database entries)
Physical boundaries in the document (page, line, column)
Folio numeration

   Transcription Judgement tags
Identification of the celebration or liturgical purpose
Identification of the notational family and species
Hand list
Content differentiation (rubrics vs. chant text)
Neume boundaries (differentiation of compound neumes vs. single symbols)
Corrections or deletions
Hand shifts

   Transcription Data syntax
Grammar governing NEUMES transcription data sequences

<abbr></abbr> (textual abbreviation)
<add></add> (later addition)
<cb/> (column boundary)
<del></del> (deletion)
<edition></edition> (particuliarities of one edition of a text)
<genre/> (liturgical role of the chant)
<lb/> (line boundary)
<pb/> (page boundary)

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