Distributed Image Library  
by Louis Barton and Barry Ng  
Web-base implementation by the NEUMES Project
Program information This program displays the content of an XML file in your Web browser using the 'metaphor' of a spreadsheet for its user interface (UI). This kind of UI is widely-understood by non-computer specialists, and it is less susceptible to syntactic data-entry mistakes as compared to editing of 'raw' XML data. This particular spreadsheet UI allows you to enter, edit, or delete data, and save the results as an XML file; it also allows you to 'scrape' data from the spreadsheet for importing to a database that you might have created on your computer.
Demo: type the filename of an XML file on the Scribe server, and press 'Run'.
Reminder: JavaScript must be enabled in your browser.
(For this demonstration, use 'test.xml' as the filename, and XML as the type.
Convert the spreadsheet to XML, and save it under a new filename.
Then reopen the file you save as type XML String.)


  Copyright © 2006, the University of Oxford.